Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Actress Rosie Perez and her husband attend exhibit at Long View Gallery

Rosie Perez and her husband, artist Eric Haze. (Photo courtesy of WAT-AAH!)
Full Article Here: Washington Post
Love That Seduces, 2014 _ Will Never Allow, 2014
The Supreme Cover, 2014
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DamienDrewMitchel@smurfourdirty @Technodrome1 @_maxsport @therealchristophe for Wat-aah "Taking Back The Streets" Long View Gallery_Washington DC

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Many Thanks To the First Lady and Wataah_"Taking Back The Streets"_New Musuem

It has been a real blessing to be working with the First Lady and Wataah.  Proof that with belief and hard work you creations and ideas can touch others.  Speaking to this lady was a eye opener, a real genuine and inspiring person indeed.  I urge anyone with a goal or belief in themselves to continue to grind hard towards your future and try your best to build up the people around you.  Special thanks to the entire team over at Wataah, all the folks involved in the DrinkUp program and especially Rose Cameron founder and CEO of Wat-aah. 

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Wataah "Taking BAck The Streets" Art Demo w/ Walt Whitman Middle School_Long View Gallery Washington DC

Many Thanks to all the students and teachers from Walt Whitman Middle School in DC that participated in the Wataah "Taking Back The Streets" gallery art demo.  It was a pleasure speaking to the kids about streetart and it's affect on my life along with the influences that go into my work.  Wataah along with Michelle Obama's DrinkUp initiative is all about showing the youth that there are healthier alternatives out there for their bodies and consumption along with their creativity and affect on the world around them.  Artist including Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, Technodrome, Smurfo, Christophe, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, Trey Speegle and many others whom showed work for a charitable cause.  The kids were able to see the art prior to the opening reception with dialogue on each artist.  I look forward to going back to visit the Wildcats and present the demo painting to the School.  Photos By: James Bullock (

Sunday, March 9, 2014


WAT-AAH!'s Taking Back the Streets in Support of Drink UpPops Up at Gallery 151 During NYC's Armory Week!

WAT-AAH!'s Taking Back the Streets continues to make water cool through its mission to connect street art with children's health to inspire kids to think creatively and actively about their health. The media is spreading the word that WAT-AAH! who, with its Taking Back the Streets initiative, has generated a new excitement and enthusiasm around drinking water.
WAT-AAH!'s Taking Back the Streets, in support of Partnership for Healthier America's Drink Up initiative, kicked off on February 20, 2014 with a special appearance from First Lady Michelle Obama at NYC's New Museum. Her appearance created a great deal of interest, garnering attention from media outlets such as Complex Magazine, Wall Street Journal, ABC News and NYC's top tastemakers and influencers. All of this excitement and demand to see what all of the buzz is about led to a pop up exhibition at lower east side's Wallplay and now WAT-AAH! is proud to announce that its Taking Back the Streets exhibit will continue on at Gallery 151 in the Chelsea art district just in time for 2014's Armory Week.
The public will be able to see the amazing collection of original work by artists including Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, Metro Zu, Lichiban, Tony Concep, Trey Speegle, Damon Johnson, Smurfo, MENT, VESA and Damien Mitchell, as well as their specially designed WAT-AAH! bottles. The exhibit will be on view from March 7 to March 13, 2014 from 11am to 6pm.
"We are honored to host WAT-AAH!'s Taking Back the Streets exhibit in support of the First Lady's Drink Up initiative. Gallery 151 was founded with the mission of helping promote emerging artists through exhibitions that highlight social and environmental issues," says Michael Namer, Founder of Gallery 151 & Alfa Development. "We are thrilled to help this amazing exhibition evolve and be viewed by even more people, especially kids!" he adds.
At Gallery 151, WAT-AAH! and the artists will continue to invite kids and young teens for art workshops, special viewings and all the while continuing to promote the importance of drinking more water, more often.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Wallplay Gallery__#TBTSH20_Wataah

Photo by @Robertstevens above _of the @Wallplayspace gallery located on the corner of Orchard and Delancy St. ,NYC Wataah's #TBTSH2O Taking Back The Streets is  campaign in connection with #Flotus. The campaign is merging streetart/artists with the water companies bottles and merchandise to influence kids that water is a better alternative to sugar filled drinks and sodas...All in an effort spearheaded by The First Lady to get kids eating and living all around healthier.  I am grateful to be involved in this initiative b/c far too often I see my own community limited in it's choices for healthier alternatives to eat, drink, and shop.  The show will be up until March4th Tuesday night demos for the kids.#Godbless - Wallplay